Our Approach

The Role of the Pedorthist. A Team Approach to Care.

Providing patients with the best foot care requires a team approach, utilizing the services of a variety of medical professionals- the physician, nurse, dietician, social worker, physical therapist, and THE BOARD CERTIFIED PEDORTHIST.

Whether it’s in one of the foot clinics at area hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or in our pedorthic facility, the board certified pedorthist and pedorthic fitters at J.T. Murdoch Shoes play an important part in this team approach to foot care.

Our dedicated and experienced pedorthic staff will:

  • Assist and suggest in the formulation of the prescription.
  • Explain the prescription to the patient.
  • Dispense the footwear, foot orthoses and or modifications to fill the prescription.
  • Monitor patient progress and compliance
  • Make the needed adjustments to footwear.
  • Fabricate and make adjustments to achieve proper fit
  • Integrate the proper footwear, modification and orthoses with the foot.
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