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What We Can Do For Your Patients With Foot Problems

When you have determined that a patient needs some sort of prescription footwear, consider J.T. Murdoch Shoes. Historically, you probably sent the patient to a shoe store that “specialized” in orthopedic shoes. A store of this type was usually staffed by shoe salespeople. Some of these salespeople may have been very good, but there was no guarantee. There were no standards for the people dispensing the orthopedic shoes. What was needed was a blending of the knowledge of the shoe salesperson, the craftsmanship of a shoemaker (to make necessary modifications), and the medical concerns of a physician, and of course, a deep understanding of the patient’s unique footwear needs.

Fortunately, you can now send your patients to a Board Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped.) at J.T. Murdoch Shoes. The Certified Pedorthist provides prescription footwear and related devices to patients referred by the medical profession. They do not diagnose or prescribe, but use their expertise to provide the footwear specified by a physician’s prescription. They have knowledge of anatomy and diseases of the foot and ankle; are aware of the types of shoes and related devices available, and know how to make shoe modifications. Most importantly, they have demonstrated their knowledge and ability through the certification process, ensuring a high standard of competence in dispensing prescription footwear and related devices.

In addition, to its large and varied inventory of shoes, J.T. Murdoch Shoes is handicapped accessible, provides a private fitting room, and fabricates all custom inserts and shoe modifications in its own on-premised laboratory.

J.T. Murdoch Shoes works with a variety of referring professionals

Why Do We Need A Prescription?

Effective Treatment

As pedorthists, we do not diagnose medical conditions or direct treatment in any way. We take our direction from the physician to provide a vital part of the comprehensive treatment program. A complete written prescription allows us to do just that. Please be as specific as possible about the type of footwear you want your patient to have, including:

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding written prescriptions or our services.


We ask that you provide a complete diagnosis of the patient’s foot condition, including any of the following relevant information:

Patient Records

Your prescription becomes a permanent part of the patients record. The information in it serves as a valuable resource for providing follow-up care and monitoring patient progress.

Insurance Reimbursement

In order to obtain reimbursement for our services virtually all insurance companies, including state and federal agencies, HMO’s, and Worker’s Compensation, require a physician’s written prescription.

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